Premium Evolutions Plush Top Adjustable Air Mattress


Our Premium Evolutions Adjustable Air Mattress is the most basic of our air beds, provides a great night’s sleep, and compared to the Select Comfort ®, Sleep Number® c3 bed, is a better quality mattress at a less expensive price. See Details

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Our Premium Evolutions Adjustable Air Mattress is the most basic of our air beds, provides a great night’s sleep, and compared to the Select Comfort ®, Sleep Number® c3 bed, is a better quality mattress at a less expensive price.

Components of the Adjustable Air Mattress:

Pillow Top: The pillow top features a layer of impression-resistant, plush new-age Pillow-flex foam covered in plush Belgian Damask.  The pillow top back consists of a moisture barrier that protects the internal components.  The smart pillow top is entirely removable, refluffable and refreshable providing years of a healthy sleep environment.

Convoluted Foam: A 3-zone, high-density and extra- thick 1.5-inch polyurethane convoluted foam covers the interior vulcanized air bed chambers provides entire body support and reduces pressure point stress.

Air Bed Chambers: The Adjustable Air Bed Chambers are 25-gauge double-layered, cotton canvas-covered Vulcanized Latex Rubber, and the borders are double-seamed (1.25” seam reinforced with another 1.25” seam) for maximum strength. The air bed chamber I-Beam design is double-reinforced, and the chambers are of a multi-directional box baffle design to eliminate the hammock-effect of other brands of air chambers. The kink-free hose assembly is steel reinforced, and sealed with flexible rubber at the time of manufacture, and has no external connection which eliminates air loss concerns. The brass-reinforced connection boot provides a durable connection, and the Twist-N-Lock barrel cam-lock inflator connector locks in place to prevent accidental disconnect. The Twist-N-Lock connector houses a seal that prevents air back-flow.

Contour Liner: The full-fit contour liner provides a finished look to the adjustable air bed and adds to the function of a cleanable and exquisite sleep system. A fabric sling set provides a Memory Weave™-wrapped power edge support for the adjustable air bed chambers by connecting the 4 side rails inside the bed to prevent “bowing out” of the mattress. The Memory Weave™ fabric increases the durability and longevity by eliminating oxidation of the foam power edge supports.

Mattress Components Enclosure:  All of the adjustable air bed components are encased in durable material connected to the pillow top assembly with a double, self-mending zipper.

Air Bed Inflator Pump: The pump is a dual control, pneumatic, super quiet, and quick-fill digital air bed inflation system.   The 4-function ergonomic control features 4 primary functions at the touch of a button including Sleep Memory Mode and Bed-Made-Ready Auto Fill Mode. Our pneumatic Digital Ultra air bed inflator pump facilitates firmer air chamber inflation and a broader spectrum of adjustability. The inflator pump is easy to use, and the LED digital readout of the firmness levels is easy to see, even in a dark room. Our air bed inflator pump offers 50 scientifically accurate comfort set points in one point increments. The accurate scientific measurements map out pressure points on the sleep surface. The inflator pump remembers comfort settings, and the Memory Mode setting allows air chamber adjustment to individual firmness settings.   The pump also features an automatic bed fill mode that gives your bed that Bed-Made-Ready look at the touch of a button.   The dual controls allow individual air chamber firmness to be set on each side of the air chamber bed mattress.

Features of the Premium Evolutions Adjustable Air Bed Mattress:

  • Comparable to the Select Comfort ™, Sleep Number® c3 bed and more affordable
  • Pillow top components: layer of Pillow-flex foam
  • Cover is plush Belgian Damask material
  • Moisture barrier pillow top back
  • Removable and refluffable pillow top
  • 3-zone, 1.5-inch high-density polyurethane convoluted foam
  • Air chambers – cotton canvas-covered, double-layered vulcanized rubber I-beam & box baffle design
  • Kink-free steel-reinforced inflator hose with cam-lock inflator connector
  • 4 Power edge rails wrapped w/ Memory Weave™ connected with fabric sling  prevents  “bow effect”
  • Full-fit contour liner
  • Mattress components enclosure attaches to pillow top with self-mending zipper
  • 8 inch Profile

Exceeds Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards

                Free Mattress Protector Included

Features of the Air Bed Inflator Pump:

  • Dual Control
  • 4 Function Ergonomic Controls; 4 Primary Functions
  • LED Digital Readout: easily see the firmness readout
  • 50 Scientifically Accurate Comfort Settings
  • Remembers Comfort Settings: Memory Mode allows adjustment of air chambers to individual settings
  • Bed-made-ready Mode
  • Pneumatic Pump facilitates inflation of the air chambers with broad spectrum of adjustability

Foundation Available: Our adjustable air bed suspension mattresses must be set on a solid foundation, and we have foundations available for all of our mattresses. The foundations are all wood construction, with Masonite tops and continental tailoring. The foundations meet the strict regulations of the 16 CFR Part 1633 Standard for Flammability for mattress sets.

The Premium Evolutions is compatible with Convert-A-Bed Technology and is the perfect vehicle for temperature-controlled fluid support, advanced air sleep, space-aged Memory Cell, naturally conforming latex, or orthopedic active coil.

NOTE: Premium Adjustable Beds has no affiliation with the Select Comfort Corporation. Select Comfort™ and Sleep Number® are registered trademarks, and the information on this site regarding Select Comfort™ and Sleep Number® are for comparison and information purposes only. We do not sell the Select Comfort™ brand and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort™ corporate entity.


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Available Sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • Queen dual chamber
  • King
  • California King

25-year Limited Warranty

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