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Air Bed Replacement Chambers
Price: $233.00 $189.00
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The Replacement Air Chambers for our Adjustable Air Beds offer the best features.  The genuine European design of the Vulcanized Latex/Canvas Air Bed Chambers provide a full 6” inch full cut depth for exceptional adjustability, comfort, and maximum sleep satisfaction.  The Air Bed Chambers are made with natural cotton bonded to the natural latex that offers a soft texture and eliminate leakage of air.  Unlike national competitors that use a thinner gauge of rubber (e.g. 24 gauge) or PVC plastic, our air bed chambers are made with ultra thick, 25 gauge vulcanized latex.

The air chamber borders are double-sealed (1.25” seam reinforced with another 1.25” seam) for extra strength, and provide the chambers with an extra long life.  Competitors use the lap seam construction design, which is less durable.

While other competitors use the “C” Beam construction, which offers only one side sealing, the double-reinforced “I” Beam construction of our air bed chambers consist of 2 layers of canvas bonded together with 2 layers of rubber joining the top and bottom of the air chamber.  Where the “I” Beam meets the top and bottom, the canvas/latex flairs out each way and provides twice the holding power for ultimate strength and extra years of durable use.

Our air bed chambers offer the “Square Pillow Surface” or multi-directional Box Baffle Design instead of the competitor’s single channel seams.  The Box Baffle design provides even and multidirectional air flow for head-to-toe, side-to-side and at the edge support for the body.  The design also eliminates the typical hammock or cupping effect of the competitors’ air chambers (competing designs have horizontal air flow).  The Box Baffle design reduces pressure points and adds to your comfort for that great night’s “floating on air” restorative sleep.

The Uni-bonded air chamber inflator hose is sealed with special flexible rubber at the time of the air chamber manufacture.  Unlike the competitors’, who use a plastic clip attachment, our hose is a single unit with no external connections eliminating the concern of air loss.  Competitors use thin PVC tubing which is susceptible to kinking.  Our inflator hose is steel-reinforced and kink-free, which improves pump life and offers precise adjustment.  The connection boot is brass-reinforced and is engineered to assure zero loss of air at the critical hose/connection juncture.  Our brass-reinforced connection boot is much more durable than our competitors, who use an unreinforced plastic fitting.

Features of the Replacement Air Chambers:

  •  6 inch, full-cut depth Original European Vulcanized Latex/Canvas

  •  Double-Sealed Borders: Extra Strength for Extra Longevity

  •  Ultra Thick 25 gauge Premium Rubber Construction

  •  Double-reinforced I-Beam construction

  •  Multi-directional Box-Baffle design: Continuous Body Support - Floating On Air Sensation

  •  Inflator Hose – Uni-bonded – sealed to chamber at time of manufacture

  •  Steel-reinforced, Kink-free Inflator Hose

  •  Brass-reinforced Connection Boot

  • 3-year full replacement period (except shipping) and 17-year Limited Warranty
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